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FX Vol. 1 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

FX Vol. 1 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

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In this very special, FX Vol. 1 sound effects pack, WE GO TO SPACE.

Yes, this pack is very (unintentionally) sci-fi. With plenty of evolving "drones", risers and fallers, "zips", "zaps" and "pew peeews", this sample pack is ideal for the experimental (or just a little insane) music producer, as well as perfect for any film creator and editor looking for sci-fi / future effects.

For the more curious sound design nerd; these SFX were carefully made by stuffing various simple hits and short synth stabs through a complex chain of phase modulation effects and an excessive number of OTT multiband compressors. This combination of phase modulation and OTTs create a wonderful mess of dynamics-destruction, but from this rose beautiful artifact creation. Then shamelessly exploited, resulting in buttery, silky FX.

May the CPU gods forgive us for what we have done...


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Stats for nerds

Audio Sample Count: 211
Format: Wave
Format settings: Little / Signed
Bit rate mode: Constant
Bit rate: 2 117 kb/s
Codec ID: 1
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
Bit depth: 24 bits