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FX Vol. 2 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

FX Vol. 2 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

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Welcome back to the world of FX. Let's face it; you can never have too many "beeps" and "boops". This pack contains 123 brand new, exclusive, FX samples ranging from the hard hitting and bassy, to the beautiful wide open stereo ear-candy.

Just like "FX Vol. 1", this pack is for any music producer brave enough to use them, as well as video creators and editors looking to add depth and texture to their sound design.

For the curious Sound Nerd...

Our last pack, "FX Vol. 1", was built primarily by compressing modulated basses, kicks, and pretty much everything else into an oblivion denser than a Black Hole.

This time most of the samples are a result of granular synthesis. The final part of the pack comes from gently exciting source audio using various delays, reverbs, and other modulation tools, creating tiny inaudible artifacts hiding around -60dB. These artifacts are then forced through many, many (and many more) gain control utilities mercilessly cranked up to maximum. This process allows us to extract these previously unheard artifacts, and turn them into something beautiful, terrifying and, no doubt, useful sounds.

There's no turning back after this. 

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