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FX Vol. 3 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

FX Vol. 3 - Premium SFX Sample Pack

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Yes you read that right. The most downloaded (unconfirmed) collections of samples on the internet is back. Ladies and gentlemen, enter, FX Vol. 3 Premium Sample Pack.

Time and time again you've tirelessly turned to the free "FX Vol. 1" and "FX Vol. 2" premium sample packs for fresh, crisp, bass heavy, belly rubbing, soul soothing, FX in order to add depth, breadth, and uniqueness to your projects..

I don't need to tell you. You already know. This pack ain't mainstream. This isn't for radio and television. This pack is underground. Now more than ever.

This sample pack is as unconventional as they come. Every sound meticulously crafted in the unending search for never-heard-before, yet familiar, vibrations. You want unique? Unique is what you'll get.

Now it's time to once again expand your library and step forth into the next chapter of FX.

Your DAW is waiting.

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