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Heavyweight 2 - Premium 808 Sample Pack

Heavyweight 2 - Premium 808 Sample Pack

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In honor of our sacred 808 day; we respectfully celebrate it with the next generation 808 sounds.

Ladies and gentlemen make no mistake, these 808s, just like their older brother, Heavyweight 1, hit hard... but with a dark twist...

Perfect for all kinds of bass music; trap, hiphop, dnb, hardstyle, dubstep, and even Disney soundtracks, these truly unique (and they are unique) 808s are designed from the ground up using a multitude of only-the-best synthesizers to deliver the baddest, deepest, and heaviest sub frequencies your stomach can handle.

How hard you ask? Well you just gotta see for yourself...

+ BONUS "offcut" samples resulting from 808's gone wrong.

I suggest taking out insurance.


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